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sim_friends's Journal

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sim_friends is an add-me community for any Sims 2 gamers. If you have a sims-related journal, and are looking for others to add on it, this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome, no matter your age, playing style, or quality of graphics. :)

When posting, try to include as MUCH information as you can about yourself. It'll help you find friends more related to your specific interests in The Sims 2. Some things you may want to include in your post:

- name
- age
- location
- how long have you been playing sims?
- what EPs/stuff packs do you have?
- do you use custom content? if so, what sites do you use?
- do you do legacies or challenges?
- what families are you playing right now, and why?
- do you play any in-game houses, such as the Goths or Brokes?
- what are your favourite aspects of the game (creating houses, playing with toddlers, landscaping, etc)?
- pictures of your families/houses, if applicable [must be under an lj-cut].
- and anything else you'd like to include about yourself.

Here is my post, if you'd like an example. Please keep in mind that this list is a suggestion as to what to include, and you do not need to include all, or any, of it. However, when posting you do need to include something about yourself. Your post cannot be "I'm looking for friends, add me." It will be deleted. Don't think that by saying "I'm looking for friends, my name is Jane, add me" is any better, either. It too will be deleted.

a few rules to keep in mind
- Keep rude comments to yourself. Friendliness is key, here.
- Subjects are AWESOME because it gives the Page Summary a point.
- All posts MUST be on topic. Your post must be an add-me post. Do not ask questions or search for custom content here. There are PLENTY of other places to do so. Do not spam, whore, or otherwise make a maintainer delete you and your post.
- ALL pictures (no matter WHAT size) MUST go under an LJ-cut.
- You MAY post more than once. You may NOT post more than once every TWO weeks.
- If you have an issue, contact a maintainer.