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Intro - sïм fяïεиds → αт ℓïvεjоuяиαℓ
Name: Rianne
Age: 20
Location: Sweden
Low long have you been playing sims? Since the sims2 came out. Only played the sims 1 once (making magic) and it was fun.
What EPs/stuff packs do you have? All the eps and teen style, H&M and glamour life stuff pack.
Do you use custom content? if so, what sites do you use? YES! I love CC. I download it from alot of different places. Sims2Supernova, Insim, Mod the sims2, GoS etc. There are too many awesome creators out there to mention all.
Do you do legacies or challenges? No, I'd like to but I fail at constantly taking pictures and my sims are just so balanced.
What families are you playing right now, and why? The Vandelee family because I had to re-format my hard-drive a few days ago and re-install all my eps. Right now it's just Coralee, trying to find her a decent sperm donor husband and get them some babies.
Do you play any in-game houses, such as the Goths or Brokes? No, they just don't fascinate me. Might be because I prefer making my own.
What are your favourite aspects of the game (creating houses, playing with toddlers, landscaping, etc)? I love creating and playing other's sims. I just love coming up with a character and see it "come alive" by adding CC, shaping their faces and such. Also love to see how many generations I can play through. I don't mind creating houses, but they all look horribly.
Pictures of your families/houses, if applicable [must be under an lj-cut].
for the few pics I have right now.
And anything else you'd like to include about yourself. Im a bookworm, love movies and drink obscene amounts of hot cocoa. Ok, maybe not obscene but who don't love it?^^ I also lurk alot here on LJ reading legecies. 

: Sweden
mood: silly silly

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