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Friendsrgud - sïм fяïεиds → αт ℓïvεjоuяиαℓ
- name
- age
- location
Kansas City, MISSOURI!
- how long have you been playing sims?
Since the original. My dad bought it for me when I was around 12(?) and I've been hooked ever since.
- what EPs/stuff packs do you have?
All of them except the holiday/family stuff packs.
- do you use custom content? if so, what sites do you use?
Of course I use CC! It's a mixture from tons of sites. My fav being the booty. :X
- do you do legacies or challenges?
Both are fun to get into.
- what families are you playing right now, and why?
Currently working on my Chandler family. Only gen 3 :(
- do you play any in-game houses, such as the Goths or Brokes?
I have before, then got bored... I'd have to say I really liked the Broke home though. Setting Brandi up with a new hubby is fun.
- what are your favourite aspects of the game (creating houses, playing with toddlers, landscaping, etc)?
I like pro-creating and discovering how the genetics work in the game.  I also love to interior design my homes.
- pictures of your families/houses, if applicable [must be under an lj-cut].
Check my journal out!